Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the location of YQ change each time?

Yes. As of 2002, YQ moves to different cities biannually.

2. What age group can attend YQ?

All students in high school are welcome to come to YQ.

3. Who plans YQ?

A consistent group of 6 directors along with representatives from across the denomination are used as needed.

4. Is YQ just for Christian youth?

No! Many groups bring students who are at different stages of spiritual development. The program definitely targets Christians but YQ always has students make first time commitments to Christ and has been inspirational and challenging to new believers.

5. Are there discounts for groups who have to travel extremely far?

Yes! Each student/leader receives a $100 discount if they have to travel more than 1500 miles (one way).

6. What does YQ have to offer my leadership students?

YQ offers a specific seminars for student leaders to receive training and resourcing on leadership. Also, there are places where leaders can get involved in discussion groups or display their talent on stage. Students will have a unique opportunity to hang out with our Bishops, Pastors and Youth Leaders from all over North America.

7. Will my students get a chance to see the city where YQ is held?

Yes! Each student will have the opportunity to choose an off-site trip that allows them to see or experience a part of the city.

8. Is YQ a good deal for the money?

Yes! YQ does appear to be more expensive than most retreats you take your students to. However, if you take into account that the registration cost covers…3 nights in a 5 star hotel, supper each day, the full program including off-site trips and experiences…it really is quite a deal!

9. Does YQ offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for YouthQuest registrations. The only exception is if someone in your group is experiencing an emergency like a serious illness or death in their family. Please feel free to contact us at registration@yqbic.com if you have any questions.

Still have a question? Email contact@yqbic.com